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Lately I am more and more interested in creative business concepts. For the last 2 years I’ve had douzens of business ideas I wanted to do, but an idea always remains an idea if nobody has time to and interest in doing it. I always believed that in order to start a trip like that, you must have a big interest in the industry you’re going to work in, a slightly entrepreneurial feeling or push, and much, much patience. But with such a saturated market, there is one more ingredient I believe one should have: Creativity.

So if you’re into fashion, here are 3 small business ideas you can develop furthermore to adapt them to where you’re from:

1. Fashion Trucks

Like food trucks, fashion trucks are businesses on 4 wheels that you can carry all over the town. Except the fashion products that you’re going to sell, you’ll need a really interesting and original concept. The more creative and new, the better.

While I was digging into cool stores, I discovered Le Fashion Truck (in the image above), a pink mobile boutique in Los Angeles. The founders, Stacey and Jeanine, started their own fashion business after meeting at an arts and crafts market in L.A. where the two of them were exibiting. Le Fashion Truck is one of the first businesses in L.A. of its kind, and it has become a very successful one, getting a ton of press attention and being featured in places as Business Insider and Cosmopolitan.

The two creative entrepreneurs are hosting a webinar on February 21, teaching how to start your own fashion truck. Here you can learn the basics of such a start-up, tips & tricks and you’ll be able to ask Stacey and Jeanine whatever questions you’d like, related to the fashion truck business.

le fashion truck webinar or how to start a fashion truck business. fashion businesses

2. Personal Items Pop-Up Stores

You know those fashion bloggers that sell their clothes online or in pop-up boutiques? Why not organize your own pop-up concept store together with your friends and colleagues? Give it a creative name that fits your personalities, maybe. Resell your nice and well-taken care clothes and accessories in pop-up stores at fairs, malls or street sales. You can even have it online on a free shopping platform like Shopify, Tictail or Etsy. And if it grows, there are plenty of opportunities to develop it into an original vintage shop.

If you’re interested in such a business, another tip would be to turn outdated clothes into new, refreshed ones, like shortening a dress, add some prints on T-shirts.

3. Made By You – Online Shop

Handcraft Is Back

You have a sewing machine at home? Find out through YouTube tutorials how to use it to make clothes or maybe even to create custom pet clothing?

You’re a graphic designer and have some cool ideas for shirts, caps or even dresses? Print it out!

You create bracelets or other jewelry as a hobby? Time to make it a business.

Take your hobbies to the next level. They say a business becomes successful if you put love in it. Imagine if it’s born by love?

There are douzens of creative fashion businesses a girl can do, no matter if you are in the beginning of your career, an experienced entrepreneur or a full time worker in a company. Get inspiration from what you desire to work with, what are your passions, what are your knowledges. Sometimes is best to build a business that doesn’t exist, a new concept, sometimes you can improve an existing one, update it and sell it as a new business area. In either way, you’ll find obstacles, hard times and pressure, so if you don’t have passion into it, you’ll find it hard to continue and won’t enjoy the ride.

Hope this inspires you and if you have any more ideas, write them here in comments and pay it forward.

Love, L

Photo Credit: Le Fashion Truck