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Heyy darlings! I had a great weekend in Gothenburg, even if I came back with a huge cold. 🙁 My week started with 2 liters of hot lemon & ginger tea instead of coffee. Anyway, the day spent in Gothenburg it was worth a cold. I had a great time in Magasinsgatan area, where there are a few cute and cozy vintage shops. I like vintage articles. I always imagine there is a story behind every single piece. Probably that’s also the reason I can`t say goodbye to old clothes that I will probably never wear again. I get bored fast by my clothes, but anyway I can’t give them away. Same with accessories, shoes, bags, magazines and books. One of these days, I`ll probably need to clean up and divorce them.

Girl on the streets of gothenburgFlower buckets

In all that storytelling environment in the vintage shops, I found something that really blew my mind. Between the John Lenon style glasses, leather cases, flower-power times ponchos and hippie era accessories, I found an amazing writing machine which was so stylish and lovable. A perfect decorative item for my home office. Of course, only for decoration, since I cannot actually write contracts for my clients or blog with it. 🙂

Gothenburg vintage shopsGothenburg vintage shops

My heart broke when the seller told me that the item is decorative for them as well, not for sale. So, I left the shop empty-handed. At least, this time.

Later, we had lunch in Da Matteo, a very cozy coffee shop in the middle of Magasinsgatan, with a really nice garden facing the sun where you can enjoy probably the best latte in Gothenburg.

Cafe latteIMG_2681

It`s rare you have such a nice weather in Sweden during September, so we took advantage of that and walked all day long. I passed even The Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädsgårdsföreningen), which is one of the best-preserved 19th century parks in Europe and is spectacular! It is, in my opinion, a must see in Gothenburg, mostly in the beginning of autumn when you have the privilege of walking on the carpet of golden and copper-colored leaves.

Coloured Bycicle parkingGothenburgTrädgårdföreningen i Göteborg / The garden of society in GothenburgGarden View in Göteborg

Don`t forget: If you are traveling to Gothenburg, I would be happy to answer your questions regarding places or activities over there.

With love from Sweden