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To me, beauty means femininity. I think it’s important to notice that nowadays beauty is not a word only for women, even though we are the beautiful sex. Men are more and more involved in the beauty or fashion industry and I’m not talking here only about the professional level, but also about men’s interest in beauty products, treatments or their desire to be remarked, appreciated or just younger. So yes, beauty to me still means femininity, even though I respect those men interested in it.

Beauty’s definition is self-confidence. But one can’t survive without the other. It’s such a complex subject, but in a way so simple. Imagine this: 2 women, same make up and hairstyle, one feels good in it, the other doesn’t. Which one of them will be more beautiful? I think that explains it all. Just be yourself and wear whatever makes you feel good, but try to always add something new into your style. A small piece at least, like a hat or different type of sunglasses, rings or necklaces, a different shade of lipstick. For me it works this way, something new gives me more self confidence. I think it applies to many women, though. What means beauty for you?

I wrote this, on my sunny balcony this morning, after I got the invitation to Stockholm Beauty Week tomorrow, where, of course, beauty will be the primary subject. Last year’s event took place in So Stockholm and so is this year. Isabella Lowengrip, aka Blondinbella, was one of the guest speakers, to introduce her cosmetic line LLC. I will attend the press & media events from 10:00 to 13:00, and some of the afternoon seminaries. I’m so excited to see the new trends in beauty, and mostly, to find out what newbies are on the Swedish market. Follow my Instagram, @ByLorellay, where I’ll be posting pictures and videos from the event and stay tuned, next week I’ll be writing here about it!

beauty through my eyes

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