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Boxes. We see them everywhere. We see them disguised in candle lanterns, in tables, in stoles, in the mail post, in the mall, on the street being handed to someone, we use them to organise our lives and our homes. Such a simple term and anyway so much meaning to it. Think a minute about this:

Boxes are changing our lives.

What do you think I’m talking about? The ring box He proposes you with in his knees? (like anyone still does that today. do they??); the moving boxes that carry our lives from a place to another? The box we collect our stuff from the office when changing jobs (or have been fired!). The mail box waiting for love letters never (or always!) to be received? The boxes delivered at home after a sweet online shopping spree. The gift box you’ve received, that once opened, made your day, week, month, year, life, better, happier and sweeter.

Boxes are everywhere, and more and more instinctive in our lives. We need them, but they need us more. They need us to believe that in between those 4 little walls something greatly is expecting. They need us to open them and treat them not as objects but as disguised messengers of love, friendship and continuity.

Have you noticed how many businesses using boxes as their primary selling point have been popping up the last years? For example, you can subscribe to all kinds of boxes nowadays. Baking boxes, photo boxes, beauty boxes, testing products boxes, even clothing boxes. Boxes you subscribe to, pay a monthly fee and get them delivered at home without any minimum effort from you. These boxes are meant to make your life easier, of course, they are also financially profitable for the business owners, but you get to be spoiled every month with a cute box coming at home to you and suddenly feel like it’s Christmas!

Why am I writing about boxes just suddenly?

Our Les Gifts boxes arrived and on Monday we’ll have the first shooting with them! What an exciting moment! It all started with the idea of gifts should always come in beautiful and special boxes!

#MakingProgresses #SlowlyGrowing