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This commercial got me crazy, made me live inside it and explore the feelings of the woman in it: in this case the amazing Gisele Bundchen. The soundtrack is a cover after The one that I want (Grease), and my opinion is that it sounds much, much better this version! Can’t believe that Chanel succeeded to turn such a classic song into a sexy soundtrack! I wasn’t such a big fan of Gisele or of Chanel N°5 fragrance, but this clip made me have second thoughts and rethink my perfume choices. Can a fragrance define who you are? Can a successful clip influence choices? Well, of course it can. That is what I call successful marketing! And Chanel might have the recipes to that, according to me. Some time ago I posted another incredible clip Made by Chanel here.

The clip is all about luxury, style, love, beauty and glamour. Enjoy watching it!