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I could say December’s Favorites, or I could say: The products I am obsessed with right now!

We all have some products we’ve fell in love with, or a pair of jeans among others, that we don’t undress anymore. Well, a new year is coming soon and I was thinking to list my favorite products in 2015. And that’s how I noticed I got some fixations this year. For example, I almost haven’t used any other perfume ever since I got the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid fragrance. It’s a strong one, so it best works it’s magic on the evenings, but…oh well..who cares? I wear it anytime!

Then it’s the black turtleneck blouse which I bought from 5 different brands. It’s so classic, stylish and easy to wear with anything, and I always feel creative when wearing it. Basically, it’s my new little black dress for daytimes.

Last but not least, my Diesel ankle boots with metal hooks. I got so attached to them, that I ordered a new pair after the first one I bought just broke! I felt like giving them a second chance, because they’re so comfortable for daytime casual walks and beautiful at the same time.

You can find all the products in the image on my Polyvore.

Name three products you got obsessed with this month, or this year.


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