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Hey beauties, I believe every girl has a secret weapon for a memorable night on Valentine’s Day. But mine is a little bit outside the box. I got a few comments on Facebook, asking me what do I think a creative and different Valentines Day means and I decided to share my thoughts here too.

My crazy thought is that 14th February is not only for celebrating the love and respect shared by deux amoureux, but also the fantasies, secret thoughts and desires. I always search for occasions to surprise him with new things, romantic or wild… But on Valentines, there is just something that makes me want to go outside the patterns. Maybe the commercial use of this day, maybe the fact that every man knows already what to expect: a dinner with you in a beautiful sexy dress or a movie with erotic scenes. Certainly, you have to change the routine sometimes, and this is the perfect occasion. I love romance and just watching a good romantic movie in front of the TV is one of my favorite things to do with my beloved one, but it never hurts to spice up the atmosphere in occasions like this.

Here are a few ideas of a naughty, sexy and daring Valentines Day to surprise your man with:


Bordelle.com Valentines day ideas

By Bordelle.co.uk


1. Leave your clothes home.

Try surprising him by knocking on his door wearing only a trench coat, a black necklace, high heels and red lipstick. And as Marylin would say, nothing more than Chanel No. 5! This is a classic and is absolutely sexy, in my opinion. Just make sure that when he opens the door, he’s alone! If you live together, go to his office, or leave the house and come back, be crazy, be creative, inspire him!

2. His ultimate fantasy

Find out what his deepest desires are, and make one of them come true. If he dreams of you dressed in a sexy nurse, you still have time to find something in the specialized shops.

3. Dance, Mon amour!

Turn him on before the day even starts. Send a message informing him that you are waiting with a romantic dinner, put your red lipstick on, highest heels and the new SEXY, NAUGHTY lingerie you were planning on wearing anyway (I hope!), open that bottle of champagne so you will get some courage and wait for him on the table – as in “you’re his dinner”. When he arrives, let yourself free into the sexy waves of the background erotic music. Dance, dance and love!

4. Breakfast in bed 

A good Valentines morning starts with you dressing up in a very sexy maid before he wakes up. Feed him, kiss him and give him a memorable morning to look after again in the future!

Let the fireworks explode!


No matter what your choice is, remember to always tease him. Send him sexy, erotic and love messages, early in the week, keep sending until the actual day. Tease him with pictures, videos, small gifts like just a teddy bear with I love You written on his heart, range between moods and show him the woman inside you. The woman that wants to play with his mind, his body and his desires. The same one that knows best how to turn him on and off, how to take care of him, spoil him or destroy him. Make him remember in this holy love day, that you own each other’s minds and fantasies.

Love is sharing…everything!

Enjoy your Valentines weekend!

With love,

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