Like in all the other aspects of my life, I am very picky in the selection of  beauty products that I like to use. I have strict rules regarding my hair for example, or my morning or evening beauty rituals.

One very important rule is that I never sleep with make up. NEVER! Therefore, I need to use a good, efficient and easy to use make up remover. In all the (many) years I’ve used make up, I found that the easiest-to-use and fastest-to-clean make up remover is always the winner! I use make up every day. Except for beach days when in vacation, and some days when I work from home and feel really lazy and slow, I use make up every day. Always wearing foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara, and most of the time eyeliner and eye shadows. Light smokey preferably. So you can imagine as such a make up afficionada, I really need to get rid of all that make up fast, easy and safe!

I’ve tried tons of removers, from creams, lotions, milks, for eye, for face, for lips, from different brands, different textures. My favourite right now is the Micellar Water from La Roche Possay 3 in 1.

Together with the Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover, they do the job, every night.

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clarins double serumAs the 30s are approaching, (OMG — should I panic?) I started to investigate what serum would benefit my age, and maybe slow down the ageing process. I’m not there yet, where I want to solve and treat ageing signs, instead I’m looking more to prevent and slow them down. So, I started to use Clarins Double Serum and I can’t yet see any changes, of course, but its smell, texture and usability (the pump is intentionally built for you to customise the amount of serum you pump out according to your needs) makes a winner for the time being!



In combination with the serum, I joggle sometimes with this Carrot Oil from Rosenserien. It smells absolutely insane! Such natural scent and amazing color. I like to splash a little in my hand and palm it on my face, applying it all over my neck and cleavage and sometimes on my hair ends. I first tried this product when I got gifted 2 of them at the Stockholm Beauty Week and I loved it so much, I continued to use it. Because it’s oil, and my face skin is quite mixed, I don’t use it daily, but more like when my skin needs extra moisturising. It really gives me a glow and color to my face.



My favourite face mask right now is this Daniele de Winter Mask with hyaluronic acidaniele de witer monaco beauty tipsd & 24 karat gold particles. Shame on me, I’ve had this one for a long time on my shelve and it never crossed my mind what a treasure was inside it! With its perfect fluid consistency that doesn’t restrain my face when it dries, this mask makes my skin already look better before I even wash it out.

And really, it feels so fancy to say, I’m gonna go wash out this gold off my face!

Last, but not least, I have a new winner in my kitchen/beauty shelve: turmeric! Yes you’ve heard right. I got the idea from my friend Raluca, who knows almost everything about everything ecological, organic, healthy, homemade, & Co. So, she shared with me this Pin, and after looking for more info, I found even the mighty IntoTheGloss mentioning testing it right here.

Feel free to tips me on other tricks as well!