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Ohhh I love Sundays!!! Not only for the freedom of laying all day in the fluffy bed, but for the huge, delicious breakfasts that I get to do to surprise my beloved man in bed with. Usually in Sundays I wake up around 09:00, I run fast to the bathroom, I fix my face little bit (VERY IMPORTANT THING TO DO!!!) I prepare a gigantic meal with warm coffee, fresh pressed juice and whatever we have in the fridge transformed in a plate beauty contest, and I jump back in bed, this time draging the food after me.
My boyfriend`s face is always the same, surprised! Like he didn`t actually get used to this the last years. He probably knows his acting would keep me motivated forever. 🙂 Well, well..

Today I chosed to make things differently. Thanks to the amazing wheater in Sweden these days, our terrace is full of light and warm, the sun is shining directly upon my cute tomatoes in pots, so we decided to serve breakfast there.

Fruits & yogurt made of oat with chiaseed -best protein- , flaxseed and cranberries. Healthy & delicious!