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What are you going to choose for this years Halloween party? Uniforms, movie characters, something creepy, something sweet? There are so many options nowadays for halloween costumes and so easy to find them online, in shops or even improvise something. Last year I attended to a private party in Stockholm and my choice was a sexy-creepy nurse costume. The party is organized every year by the coolest Fredrika Johnson in Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden. Scary Naughty Halloween! Actually, the nurse costume was a last minute option I had, since I wasn’t so much into the party mood (I had a cold). But my friend Adina was visiting so I couldn’t resist her. And sheeee had such an amazing maid  costume!!

Halloween costumes. Cleaner, made and nurse


halloween costumes. sexy nurse and sexy maid


I always thought that this time of the year is a opportunity for girls to dare wearing incredible sexy costumes in public (I expect that they do it in privat) and it’s really not a bad choice! But Halloween costumes is not only about sexy outfits, it’s about scary things! So if you choose to wear a nurse or police officer uniform, make sure you have a scratch on your face, or some blood around your mouth. Or else, your outfit will be little bit boring!

Anyway, use your imagination in the most limitless ways! Have fun!!!