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Hi, beautiful creatures! As Loredana wrote just before, I have a little secret to share with you! I’ve been really experiencing the “health paradise” on Earth, RICKATSCHWENDE, and I want to share with you my feelings and what this experience is about! The beautiful, calm place, the special cure I followed here, the benefits of it, and much more!

This peaceful place is located in the heart of the clean Austrian Alps, in a warm small city called Dornbirn, a hillside location in the triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s a health center, but so different than others I’ve visited before. There is a special program I came here for, Mayr Regeneration Program! I found it so interesting and so stimulating, perfect to refill your power and energy. I will share with you some secrets from this warm residence and the magnificent things I’ve done here.

Captură de ecran din 2015.03.19 la 16.40.34

First of all, the program starts at 06:55 with a BitterSalt drink (some kind of a saline drink), which I got on an empty stomach and waited half an hour before going to breakfast. Now, I have to mention this to you, before I came here, I actually thought I’m going to only drink smoothies and detox juice (as I did in the detox center in Bodrum, last year). But it was nothing like that here! We’ve actually eaten food, local meats and lactates. The in-house breakfast prepared by themselves is all natural (local ingredients from the village) and it includes goat cheese, yoghurt and some slices of old, hard bread.



After enjoying my breakfast in such a warm atmosphere, the guests are invited to the morning gymnastic, culminating with a therapist meeting to check your diet, your body fat and to give you advices. The most attractive part is the 12:00 moment, when you should be in your room waiting for a therapist that comes to check you up and performs a treatment for you, with a hot leather bag full of hay and a bag with mountain flowers, placing them on your liver. This process lasts 20 minutes and its purpose is to eliminate all the toxins from your liver, to accelerate the process of cleaning and refreshing. I was always falling asleep during these intense and pure 20 minutes, and I literally woke up with charged batteries.

Captură de ecran din 2015.03.19 la 16.44.06After this procedure, I went to lunch, which is also a mixture of local, ecological and fresh products, then I usually made different stimulating activities, such as hiking in the beautiful forest, climbing the mountains or just listening the calming sound of nature, while walking around. Ooohhhhh it is simply so chill, breathing this strong and healthy air of the Alps.

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When I turned back to the hotel I felt a little bit tired, so I recommend you do as I usually did: join the super relaxing spa, where you can enjoy the sauna, hot and cold bath, indulge relaxing massages or just swim. The staff is professional and very friendly with each client, they make you feel so comfortable, they treat you  like a family member and the most important thing is they always wear a smile on their face, sharing positivity!

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Captură de ecran din 2015.03.19 la 16.45.18

A very important aspect I’ve learned here, is that our body needs to disconnect from every negative vibe, it needs to breath silence, and to be hydrated with a lot of healthy tea. I tested a lot of flavors of delicious and natural teas, such as: ginger, stinging nettle, verbena, fennel, green tea, cottonwood, lemongrass, dandelion and peppermint. All these are helping blood cleansing and stimulate our metabolism, they are purifying and fight against infections.

During the cure in this special place, I’ve met a lot of interesting people, educated and with different life perspectives, with strong careers and characters. This is a real chance to connect and socialize, to exchange opinions and knowledges.


I am happy I followed this program, I’m so in love with this quiet and calm place! The program was really effective since I feel as reborn, my body and mind are full of energy, my hair and eyes are shining and my skin is glowing of happiness. After this experience, I’m ready to turn back to basic life, I am ready to study and learn more about life. I could talk hours, days or more about my little paradise, but words cannot describe the Zen mood this place gave me! You should feel, you should touch and you should see with your own eyes, to understand what I’m talking about. I will be very melancholic looking back on these days. Hope to see you again beautiful and warm RICKATSCHWENDE!!!

If you ever experienced such a place or even this specific one, I would love to know more about it!

Until next time,