Hello loves, I felt it’s time to update the blog one last time before the New Year, and what better way than talking about what happened lately? We decided to fly to our vacation home in Spain and stay here for a month until we feel rested enough to go back to Sweden, That is, because we both got tired of the darkness in Sweden and the weather in Alicante area during this period is quite stable and warm, compared to the Scandinavian weather. Also because before and after the wedding we had so many deadlines, projects, stress into our lives that we really didn’t feel like stressing more with Christmas at home. The first thing I did when we arrived was sleep for 40 hours more or less. Day & night. Yes, that’s how tired I was. The plan was to rest, eat good food, train and when that’s ready, get some work done. BUT, our bodies didn’t feel the same. After a few days here I got a big bad flu with lots of sneezing, nose running, fever, and all that beauty. A few days after, Jonathan followed me with an even worse flu, or at least that’s how he describes it. The truth is, women hold on sicknesses better, am I right? And that’s how it’s been for 2 weeks now, time in which we didn’t train, nor eat good food, nor work. But we did rest. And because we got all the photos from the wedding just before Christmas, we had time to go through them, enjoy and re-live the moment. Also, we’ve been so much on Netflix that I now feel I’m done with all the good movies over there, is anyone else feeling the same?

Tomorrow we decided to go to Valencia for the next 2 weeks, to celebrate New Year and to finally visit one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Most of this time will be spent working with my latest project, creating content in beautiful Valencia for Avery Milton, but also meeting with the super cool video production company Anker Prod. We rented a beautiful apartment in Cabañal, the area of Valencia where you can see how the locals live ( how dreamy!!! ) and can’t wait to stroll around the streets full of art, eat tapas and take photos of everything! I already have a list of to do’s for content and 2 very important personal bookings: 1 macrame workshop for myself and a tapas & wine tour with a local foodie!! How exciting is that?

I made a list of resolutions inspired from a Pinterest post and I’m thinking how fun would it be to share it with you so you can add your own stuff for Instastories? Here it is for you to download it, add text to it and share it with your friends! Don’t forget to tag me, I’m super curious of your resolutions: I’ll share mine on Instagram tomorrow!

It’s time to wish you all a wonderful night and the warmest Happy New Year!

instagram story template for new year resolutions