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It’s surprising how sometimes a song can input images and feelings inside our mind and heart. When I first watched Inception, I thought this would be impossible, but later in life I understood we don’t need a machine or some technology to make that possible. Just one song can induce memories, feelings, moods and emotions, and just listening to a song can make you take decisions you would never take otherwise. Like breaking up with someone in order to feel the way you feel when listening to that song, but with a man; like searching for a new love; like making new friends, or searching for the old ones; like taking new chances in life, finding new opportunities or motivate yourself to get past the problems you’re into. Music gives us power, emotion, dreams, potential, energy or destinations. Music gives us aspirations and goals. It makes us dream, and keeps us determined to make our dreams come true.

One of these songs for me is the new discovered “Love was my alibi” by Kris Fogelmark. Kris is a fabulous Swedish singer, whose name I’ve never heard before, but whose voice melts the coldest corners of my soul. I’ve been hearing this song in the end of the movie “The Water Diviner”, which was an absolutely amazing movie as well, and after a long research, I found out that the lyrics are composed by Rusell Crowe himself (the main actor in the movie), and that the song is not released yet, which means no downloadable file, no Spotify, Tidal, so sad! But I’ve found a few videos on YouTube that keeps me warm in the nights. So, enjoy! Close your eyes and dream…

P.S. I advise you to listen to it with headsets for a lovely experience!