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Due to that I got a few questions from some of you, I wanted to answer them in a post, so that everyone can

have access to this info (not that everyone cares 🙂 )



Why do I write quite rarely?

Well, first of all because the blog is not a business to me, it’s not my job, it’s not a duty or an obligation. Lorellay was born from my passion for fashion, style, writing and because it’s a fun way for me to keep updated many of my friends. Except, of course, the fact that here I make new friends. That is why all the content on my blog is absolutely 100% my opinions, my notes, my pictures and my ideas. So when I actually write something is really because I want to, and I feel it’s important to do so. I keep it relevant, since it’s sooo many commercialized blogs everywhere. Second of all, I have a life. And I like to live it. I have a job, I have a boyfriend, I have friends and family, I study a completely new and hard language: Swedish and I am involved in few other small projects. So again, my time is limited, but Lorellay is the place where I come in peace, full of energy to build up an entertaining community. So you will always find minimum 2, 3 articles per week here, and sometimes even more. And I want to keep it relevant to you!

What do I do outside the blog?

I answered to that in the first question somehow, but I will come back shortly and say: I work with Online Marketing and CRM right now for a swedish/norwegian media agency. What I did for the past years I will write another time maybe under the My Story section. Beside that, 30 hours per week I study the 3’rd level of Swedish as second language, SAS3 in a school located here in Sweden. I’ve been studying swedish for the last 14 months, but hopefully soon it’s finished so I can focus more in speaking it than learning it 🙂  Except this, I work voluntarily in a local teater in Jönköping (to improve my swedish), I take photography classes (right now in the first level) and I manage few Social Media pages for some friends and relatives. I won’t make adverts here, tough, do not worry! 🙂 I also travel much in Scandinavia and not only, I adore checking new restaurants and places, fashion stores, designers, hidden things, explore the unknown and have fun!

What is my vision with Lorellay?

Well, if i’d say that, you’ll steal my vision. :)) Just joking, there is place for everyone under the sky!

My vision is to build up a community with and for people, where we all involve and share some of our experiences in order to help others like us. More…later on the blog! This will be my special project.


With love from Sweden, 

Yours, Lorellay