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Well hello there! My goodness, how long has it been since I updated the blog? I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I am alive and have some exciting news to share with you…our family is growing and world’s most beloved baby girl will be joining us in March 2020! Yay!!

During July we were spending 3 weeks in Santorini and Milos islands in Greece (hope I’ll share more details on these amazing islands with you soon) and that’s where the miracle was conceived! Cannot express the happiness, gratefulness and excitement with which we talk about our future with our little girl! J. has dreamed so much about having also a girl besides his 2 beautiful sons from his previous relation. When he was a teenager he dreamed he had a little daughter running around the football field behind his parents house. We both feel this was SHE. When I got the news from the midwife that she’s a girl (we made a DNA test called NIPT to check for syndrome chances), I went straight to buy a pair of pinkish baby socks, wrapped them good and surprised J. I was hiding my excitement so he would not guess based on my poker face – which he usually does – it’s impossible to trick him nowadays. He was so emotional and breaking in tears about it and kept saying “I’m gonna have a daughter? I’m gonna have a daughter! Omg!”. It was hilarious and I got it on video, but that stays with us. 🙂

I now am pregnant in 26 weeks (25 + 3), and it has been such a blessed pregnancy so far, I think I’m carrying the nicest baby in the world! Hope she’ll be the same when she comes out 😀

The first 11 weeks were a bit harder due to nausea, but I did not even vomit once, so really can’t complain! During week 6 – 10 we were in our place in Spain and had a lovely time swimming, sunbathing and eating watermelon so that was really nothing!

But nausea wasn’t the thing that was hardest during the first weeks, but the fear. The fear of not being able to carry my baby all the way through. The reason is that last year I have been through 2 miscarriages. Not an easy thing to talk about and definitely not something I talked about before I saw my baby girl on ultrasound. Both pregnancies were very early when it happened, between weeks 6 – 8, but it still did hurt. It hurt to the point that I have been so afraid to even go and gym while pregnant now for the third time. I just didn’t want to risk anything. Little did I know that so many women are going through early miscarriages, statistics say 10 – 20 % of pregnancies end up in miscarriage the first 12 weeks. And it has nothing to do with us women, with our bodies. Most times it’s simply just chromosome problems, the baby couldn’t be formed. Just wanted to share this so that if someone who goes through this reads my blog, will know she is not alone. Love to you sister!

But after rain comes sun! And our sun is due on 29th of March!

We renovated our bedrooms, changed a bit the house to make space for her, and we’re almost ready with her room. Starting to shop stuff now and it’s sooo exciting!

The hardest part in planning is CHOSING A NAME. We had a list of names before I even got pregnant, and favorites were Celine, Chloè, Olivia and Rebekka. Now we’re calling her Chloé, but we’re keeping the rest as backups for when she’s here. I think that when I’ll keep her at my chest we’ll know who she is.

Till next time, when I’ll write about my experience as pregnant in Sweden. Very important stuff 🙂