Design Studies Planning, Dubai Trip and Easter With My Lovely Family


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A fully busy period comes ahead and I can’t be more happy for it! First of all, I’ve got a crazy idea for a long time, which I finally dared to make a first step for. I applied for a new Bachelor program in Jönköping’s University of Engineering, a 3 years program called New Media Design, which is basically graphic design & web development. Cannot express how anxious, nervous and emotional I am about it,  and I have to make myself forget until I get an answer if I got in or not, which will be in the summer… So fingers crossed,  please! [bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-education”]

Writing from Stockholm in the lounge of the hotel we are staying in for the next two days, just before travelling to Dubai! Before I left home, I had a lot of cleaning and preparing for Easter, not because I need to, or because my home is dirty, but because my mother is coming to visit!

And you know moms, or at least mine, comes and checks ever little corner of dust and other stories. That is, in fact, something I wish I would have inherited from her. Anyway, I’m really excited that I get to celebrate Easter with my family in Sweden! My sister and niece haven’t been here in 2 years so it was quite the time for them to visit. Plus, they love Jönköping!

On Sunday we’ll travel to Dubai for both work and pleasure. Work, cause I will visit the largest tech conference in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa), STEP Conference 2017; pleasure, cause I’ll be staying at Rixos The Palm Hotel, and I’ll be at the beach all the rest of the time!

I’ll probably post non-stop from Dubai on my Instagram and surely on my Insta-story, so make sure to follow me there, cause I’ve heard Dubai is fabulous!

Fab weekend to you all!


Saturday’s Mood – Breakfast in Bed & Movie


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Not every weekend looks the same in our home, but most of the weekends include movie and breakfast in bed. It became a tradition for the last 2 years. We change roles every week, one of us fixes the breakfast and the other finds a good adventure movie or a comedy. It’s so relaxing to start the day like this without worries and stress, giving time to ourselves to just wake up properly and leave behind the working week’s noise. At least for a while more, until we’ll have children which will require our attention first thing in the morning 🙂

We’ve been talking about keeping this tradition alive, for when we’ll have children. We’ll have to see if that’ll work. I think it’s very important with traditions in the family.


Wish this would be my breakfast in bed, but it’s not 🙂 Photo from: Lokal Milk on Pinterest –

Our bedroom is very dark, no light coming in in the mornings, so it’s very hard to get a good photo with my phone. Thinking about buying a good camera, but I am so bad at this technique that I don’t even know what to choose. I’ll start investigating soon.

Going back to today, we’ve had our traditional breakfast in bed, watched a really funny comedy “Why Him?” with James Franco and now it’s gym time. Later today I’ll have to finalise a project I’m working on and probably we’ll have some coffee with the family on the late afternoon. Thinking even about baking this easy strawberry cheesecake recipe I found on Pinterest: Strawberry Cheesecake Baked Oatmeal.

What are your weekend plans?

Love, L.


About Boxes & How They Change Our Lives


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Boxes. We see them everywhere. We see them disguised in candle lanterns, in tables, in stoles, in the mail post, in the mall, on the street being handed to someone, we use them to organise our lives and our homes. Such a simple term and anyway so much meaning to it. Think a minute about this:

Boxes are changing our lives.

What do you think I’m talking about? The ring box He proposes you with in his knees? (like anyone still does that today. do they??); the moving boxes that carry our lives from a place to another? The box we collect our stuff from the office when changing jobs (or have been fired!). The mail box waiting for love letters never (or always!) to be received? The boxes delivered at home after a sweet online shopping spree. The gift box you’ve received, that once opened, made your day, week, month, year, life, better, happier and sweeter.

Boxes are everywhere, and more and more instinctive in our lives. We need them, but they need us more. They need us to believe that in between those 4 little walls something greatly is expecting. They need us to open them and treat them not as objects but as disguised messengers of love, friendship and continuity.

Have you noticed how many businesses using boxes as their primary selling point have been popping up the last years? For example, you can subscribe to all kinds of boxes nowadays. Baking boxes, photo boxes, beauty boxes, testing products boxes, even clothing boxes. Boxes you subscribe to, pay a monthly fee and get them delivered at home without any minimum effort from you. These boxes are meant to make your life easier, of course, they are also financially profitable for the business owners, but you get to be spoiled every month with a cute box coming at home to you and suddenly feel like it’s Christmas!

Why am I writing about boxes just suddenly?

Our Les Gifts boxes arrived and on Monday we’ll have the first shooting with them! What an exciting moment! It all started with the idea of gifts should always come in beautiful and special boxes!

#MakingProgresses #SlowlyGrowing



When Life Gets Busy…



How could 2016 pass this fast? I still didn’t wake up to realize we are for 10 days in 2017! I mean, 2017 was supposed to be so far away in the future, and now I’m in it! The truth is…I’ve been so stressed and busy last year that I haven’t really lived, therefore, didn’t feel the time passing by me, like a shadow in the wind.

Oh well, just in case you wondered if I’m still alive, I am. For those of you who follow my Instagram, you get to see parts of my daily life, so surely you understand why I haven’t been able to post here for like…(it’s been so long I can’t even count the weeks/months). I’m so bad at reporting, I think that’s why I never called Lorellay a blog, cause I can’t seem to find the balance in my life to stop by an report.

But I missed writing here, I have so many stories…so many places I’ve seen since then, which hopefully you’ve followed over my Instagram stories. I have about 23 different drafts that I was supposed to polish, add pictures, edit, and publish. What happened? Well, here’s some explanations:

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”]  New project: – won’t say much about it, but it’s fabulous! – here you can discover amazing design gifts, buy them and send them to your friends or family around Europe. The pluses: 1. each order comes handwrapped in silk paper and the fabulous signature #lesgiftsbox black or rose, no matter if you get it for yourself or gift it  2. designed handwritten cards included  3. all products are produced and created by independent designers, creative brands, artists, artisans & Co. with the same passion as ours, which is form and functionality – How cool is that?

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”]  New job: yes, I went back to the office life! Can you believe it? It’s pretty cool, I work as a digital strategist in a digital agency here in Jönköping, I love having a desk again instead of working on my dinning table or couch, and of course, I get to wake up in the mornings and prep for the day! Hang on there pijama uniform, I’m back to office outfits and heels!

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”]  New trips: Lisbon for the Websummit (if you didn’t see my story during those days in November, you lost sooooo much!) where I met some incredible women! I have to give credits to Women in Tech and Websummit for the fabulous organisation. Alicante during the summer where we actually bought a family summer house. Say what??? I’ve been so excited, but we just recently decorated it, so I didn’t have time to take fabulous pictures. Zurich in Christmas for the annual meeting of the squirrels. Just kidding. The annual meeting with my best friends! Last year we spent New Year with them in Istanbul, 2 years ago they visited me in Christmas in Sweden, 2016 was Zurich time. Real friendship, knows no barrier.
lorellayA lot of changes have happened during 2016, both in my personal and professional life. I grew, oh dear, and how much, I developed, I developed better relationships and projects that I have been only dreaming of. I worked hard and much, but I also damaged my body and state of mind, as I didn’t take very well care of myself.

And as of my resolution list for 2017, this year I only want to accomplish 3 things: take better and constant care of my body and soul, stay calm and stop stressing out when things are out of my control and of course…write more often on Lorellay. Even if it’s shorter posts, or inspirational boards, I want to update the site more often.

The first post of 2017 is closing here, but I already work on my next post!

See you soon and hope you’re still reading this 🙂 Hands up if you do!



How To Make A Flower Crown – Swedish Midsummer Celebration – Video


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This weekend it’s a big one in Sweden, probably the most loved holiday of the year is happening on Saturday: Midsummer (Midsommar – sv)

This holiday is a very serious celebration for the Swedish people, shops and everything else are closing the day before, everyone leaves town and visits the countryside, supplies of food and drinks are made in time; in a few words, it’s like a summer Christmas.

Midsummer is the announcement of summer – even though the name suggests the middle of it – and the beginning of vacation for almost everyone in Sweden. As I noted when I moved here, a majority of Sweden takes 5 weeks of full vacation during July.

How is Midsommar celebrated?

Most of the people are gathering with the family on the countryside, but many also take the opportunity of free time to travel outside the country. Hence the price of the flights gets higher than usual during this period.

The 2 most representative celebration tools for this holiday is the DIY Midsommar flower crown and the Maypole, a symbol of fertility, around which people dance during the daytime. But check this funny video which explains more than I could and is very entertaining.

How to create your own flower crown?

The thing is, the Midsummer holiday in Sweden is very similar to the Romanian holiday Sânzienele which is celebrated at the same time. Around the villages, girls are dressing in white, pick flowers which they’ll later use to make a beautiful crown, dance around the bonfire by night. Pretty similar to the Swedish tradition. Except here in Sweden is a very popular moment of the summer. If you want to know more about the Romanian holiday, read Mircea Eliade’s “The Forbidden Forest” which brings reference to it and it’s a breathtaking novel.

So, I looked all over the internet to find an inspirational DIY flower crown video and here you have one created by the girls from LEAF. Why use the Snapchat filter, when you can create your own crown? Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, this piece is really fashionable for the summer, so go ahead and watch the video and let me know if you’ve tried making it. I might, this year, actually.

Glad Midsommar! 



Guide to Marbella – Where to Eat, What to Do & What to See


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The weather in Sweden in the beginning of May was absolutely terrifying, so we’ve decided to leave this place for a short (but still long enough to explore) trip somewhere warm in Europe. Jonathan, my boyfriend, hates long flights, and so South Europe in spring is the best we can get to warm weather.

Said and done: we looked on temperatures in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain. In Cyprus we’ve been last spring (How didn’t I write about it?), Greece and Italy looked cold, so Marbella was the only option! Not the wisest one, though! What a surprise we was going to have…70% of our trip was followed by clouds and rain.

Enough with the whining, here comes my guide to the best in Marbella – after exploring it well in and out!

Where to beach

Purobeach Marbella (Estepona)

If you want to go safe, go Puro. Purobeach is a Swedish concept beach club in many places around the world, including Marbella. It’s exotic, ZEN, beautiful, I adore their comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas, it’s classy and it’s fun! It’s not cheap indeed, but it’s price-worthy when you only have a few days of sun to enjoy a glass off rose at the beach. The service is impeccable, the pool is big and fancy, and the restaurant in which you can eat lunch, is very cool! All food was amazing and fresh, and the views over the sea are fabulous! There is music, but not that loud as in the weekends, chill or fun. Watch that space when in Marbella!

Purobeach marbella pool, guide to marbellaPurobeachMarbellaRestaurant PurobeachMarbellaBeach

La Cabane (Hotel Los Monteros)

The beach club of the hotel we’ve stayed in. Breathtaking view over the sea and very relaxing environment. If you’re searching for quiet, cleanness and nice drinks, here’s the place for you! La Cabane is only open Friday to Monday.

La Cabane Entrance MarbellaLa Cabane Los Monteros Marbella BeachMarbella Beach La Cabane Los MonterosLa Cabane Pool Marbella

Ocean Club (Puerto Banus)

There are many beach clubs in Marbella, but this one…is special! It’s the type where champagne falls and the party is going on till the sunset! Ocean Club is open weekends, and the weekend we were, the RAIN was falling out the sky, so we couldn’t go. But my friends tell me it’s the best beach club to party in Marbella. If you’ve been there, write me your impressions!

What to see

Ronda Town

It’s definitely the best adventure we’ve had in Marbella. Ronda is located on top of the mountain and the way there is awesome! Go up with car or cycling – if you’re healthy enough 🙂 – enjoy the road, it takes on hour, you’ll be able to drive the serpentines and enjoy the breathtaking views, including nature and REALLY luxury residences. Once you’re in the town, find the new bridge (Puento Nuevo) which is the heart of the town, connecting the old medieval town with the new modern days one. Go see the bull fights arena, the oldest and largest in Spain, where even in today’s times are taking place bull fight shows. Exciting? Or not? I wasn’t so excited thinking on the poor animals, but it’s a Spanish tradition and as I understood, it’s not as “cruel as the old times”.

Ronda Marbellawhat to see in marbella, rondawhat to see in marbella ronda townNewBridgeRondaBull fight arena in ronda spain costa del sol Ronda town marbella spainromantic travelers ronda

Marbella Old Town

As in almost every city, there is a charming old town in Marbella that expresses the sweetness and tradition of the town. Take a day walk through the cute labirinth, eat some nice tapas and enjoy the live music that surrounds the place.

Marbella Old Town Marbella Old Town Marbella Old Town Marbella Old Town Marbella Old Town restaurant

Puerto Banus

The port is beautiful, not as beautiful as Cannes, Saint Tropez or Mykonos port, but still nice. And worth of your visit. Here you’ll find restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs facing the marina and fabulous shops on the daytime.

Puerto Banus Marbella Puerto Banus Marbella tips

Where to eat

Villa Tiberio

Perfect spot for a delicious dinner, elegant atmosphere, live piano music and amazing service! We’ve got the recommendation from my boyfriend’s cousin, a real authority in delicious food – chef and owner at Stockholm’s best Lebanese restaurants chain: Tabbouli Restaurang

Villa Tiberio best restaurant in marbella VillaTiberioMarbella

La Pappardelle

If you’re in the mood for some good pizza, go here. You can find it while walking down the Puerto Banus on the sea side.

La Piada

This is not the typical place I search for, we ended up there by chance and hunger, but once we entered and received our food we were stunned! They serve delicious Piada which is some kind of pizza, apparently. Very original food, in a touristic area – check their Tripadvisor and you’ll see how loved they are.

La Moraga Bistro

Delicious contemporary tapas cuisine and really fun atmosphere. We chose to sit and eat and the bar facing the open kitchen so we had a cooking show in front of us basically. Watch the video:

Where to stay

I would like to say you should stay in the center of Marbella, but not this time. You should definitely book a place outside, in resorts that offer all kinds of facilities.

Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

Here is where we stayed and spent a wonderful time! This place is a great vacation choice if you need a little bit of everything, quietness, great environment, relax, golf, beach and good food. And not to mention the cleanness and beauty of the facility and the rooms! More about Hotel Los Monteros and amazing picturesA fresh look inside Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Resort

Hotel Los Monteros Marbella spain

Per stay, it was a great time we had in Marbella, too bad for the rainy weather we had most of our stay, but the hotel and the restaurants compensated for it.

If you find this article useful, share it with your friends! They’ll thank you.

Be generous,


A Fresh Look Inside Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort


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Just the other day I was talking to my friend Paula about the luxury feeling some hotel resorts offer. She travelled to Dubai where everyone knows that luxury is one of the main attractions. I remembered that in many parts in Europe we lose much at this chapter. So you can imagine how big my surprise was to see that an European 5 star resort can compete with UAE: the hotel we’ve stayed in Marbella, Spain. And that’s why I decided to give an overview of it, from the eyes of a traveller that spent there quite some time. Mostly in pictures, since they speak more than any of my words can.

Meet Hotel Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort

Marbella, Spain

The Hotel

The moment I stepped inside the hotel I noticed the elegance and grace that fills the building. A charming building with history dated from 1962, renovated and brought to our century, keeping at the same time the class and elegance of those times. An extremely clean hotel, with every corner shinning and sparkling.

LosMonterosHotel HotelEntranceLosMonterosGirl EntranceHotelLosMonteros HotelLosMonterosMarbellaSpainGirlInLosMonteros HotelfurnitureLosMonteros HotelLosMonteros HotelLosMonterosMarbella

The Garden

Hotel Los Monteros has an amazing garden with small rivers all around, flowers, plants and of course, palms! The interesting part is that from the reception, you can walk through the corridors to get to your room, or you can choose a little bit longer road but much more fascinating, through the hotel’s cute Spanish patio and the giant garden. Every day for us it was a lovely walk, and in the evenings it’s very nice illuminated, so it makes for a very romantic promenade. Just as an Alice in Wonderland kind of garden – and that says all.

IMG_7045hotel los monteros reviewhotel los monteros gardenGardenJungleHotelLosMonteros GardenHotelLosMonteros HotelGardenKidsLosMonteros TurtlesLosMonteros

The Room

We had a Junior Suite on the ground level, facing a little private patio or garden, how you prefer. It was fabulous! Very classy and sophisticated, the furniture was in great shape, even though was a classical one, and the best part of it, we had a bathroom as large as the room itself. I don’t know about you, but I personally adore large bathrooms!

The bathroom featured a huge jacuzzi facing the room due to the Italian sunscreen window which you could open to connect with the room, and except the normal shower, it featured a stonemade steam sauna room. Pretty cool for a hotel room, right?

The King size bed is huge and extremely comfortable, so are the linens, and the garden was really fantastic to sit in during the breakfast sometimes.

JuniorSuiteHotelLosMonteros JuniorSuitLosMonterosHotel JuniourSuite JuniourSuiteRoomHotelLosMonteros RoomTerraceLosMonteros

The Beach Club

I wrote about it here, but I think it deserves a mention in this article too. Very quiet, relaxing and stylish. La Cabane beach club belongs to the hotel but it’s located near the beach side, just a few minutes away. The hotel offers free rides with a mini golf car. Absolutely the best choice for when you want to have a dip in the sea, as well as a nice time at the pool.


La Cabane Pool MarbellaLa Cabane Los Monteros Marbella Beach LaCabaneEntranceBeachClubLaCabaneLos Monteros Golf Car

The Spa

During our stay, we tried the Thermal Circuit in the hotel’s spa, which is a program meant for relaxation, by going through the whole circuit of activities such as hammam, steam & dry sauna, ice bucket, different kinds of showers with aroma therapy, walking on the stones (reflexology), and pool, continuing with treatments of your choice and enjoying a good organic tea on the hot seating. Very nice experience, indeed!

SpaHotelLosMonteroMarbella SpaPoolLosMonteros SpaHotelLosMonteros

The Restaurants

The hotel features two restaurants, a bar and the beach club’s (La Cabane) restaurant as well. I wish we could have tried La Cabane’s brunch when we were there, which looked absolutely delicious, filled with fresh seafood and fish. The other two restaurants and the bar are located close to the main pool, which is really nice cause you get to have a very nice view both at the breakfast, on the day time or in the evening.

My best food experience at Los Monteros was the vegetarian sandwhich club! Oh my god, I studied the ingredients so closely that I made my own when I arrived home in Sweden.

poolrestaurantlosmonterosPatioLosMonterosBreakfastLosMonteros Breakfastinbedhotellosmonteros Hotellosmonterosmarbellabreakfast HotelLosMonterosmarbellaInside

The Surroundings

Of course, the vicinity of the hotel matters. Sometimes after beach days I don’t feel like making up and prepare to go in the town for a walk, so I’d rather take a walk close to the hotel. The hotel is located in such a beautiful own golf area. It’s also surrounded by walls of hanging plants and flowers, palms and luxury residences, a very exclusive wonder-walk for the eye.

LosMonteroGirlonstreet LosMOnterosVillas LosMonteros LosMonterosGolfSurroundingsLosMonteros

The Service

This was the best part. We’ve got extremely pampered and well taken care of, and from a traveler perspective, this is such an important feature a 5 star hotel should focus on. Every little detail of the service, the serving, the orders, the housekeeping, was so professional and detailed. The room was, of course, cleaned two times a day, with all the evening ritual, and always smelling fantastic. I have no idea what they use for the smell, but I totally appreciate it.

So yes, I can describe the hotel in one sentence as being luxury, comfortable and elegant, with great service and memorable eye experiences. But don’t take my word for it, celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Hugh Laurie and Jason Statham actually stayed there too.

Hotel Los Monteros honestly made up for the rainy weather we had the bad luck to catch in our vacation and this was my way of thanking them!

With love, back to a rainy Sweden,


Do your friends a favour and share this article, maybe they search for a great spot in #Marbella




Stockholm Beauty Week 2016 – Impressions, Pictures & Favourites

One year has been since I’ve attended Stockholm Beauty Week for the first time. I knew I’ll be longing for more. The reason is simply because I love discovering brands, new beauty products, get a taste of their samples and try on-site treatments and tips.

Last week I did it again. I was a part of the press day and I got to hear every news and trends in organic and sustainable beauty and to walk around the various exhibitors, trying their products and pleasurably receiving samples to try at home.

I will express a few opinions here and my favourite products so far.

Starting with a brand I fell in love with at the first sight – you’ll see why – Daniele de Winter Monaco. It’s a beauty brand from Monaco, as the name states, that works on the principle of beauty inside out! Meaning they produce eatable and drinkable supplements to work together with the cosmetic products that they also offer. I love this concept of preserving the beauty from both inside and outside, as we all know that no matter how many creams or lotions we use or how good they are, what comes inside us has the ultimate word! To get along with the face creams, lotions and the other cosmetics Daniele de Winter is offering, they created this beautifully packaged sets of supplements that can contain natural ingredients for skin health and not only. Plus, they have this incredibly tasty chocolates packaged so fabulously, they’d make the perfect gift! I got a package myself and I am all over the clouds for it, I’m surely going to go on a diet with this. Look for yourself:

daniele de winter monaco at stockholm beauty week 2016

stockholm beauty week, daniele de winter monaco brand

While walking around I noticed a bottle of argan oil that was very familiar to me, as recently I’ve just finished it. When heading towards it, I was approached by the founder of the brand L’Oelle, the one that is producing the argan oil that I’m in love with and I’m 100% sure is pure (in today’s market it’s very hard to find pure oils). We’ve both realised the similarity between our brand names, Lorellay vs Loelle, and thought that was funny. The fact that I met him there, was a great coincidence, he assured me their oils are 100% pure and natural from Morocco – the land of Argan, and how can that not be true, when he himself is half Moroccan? It was a great experience for me to meet him and validate my theory about the brand. I’ve been offered to try the Rosewater at home, and guess what? Right now when I’m writing this post I’m in Marbella on the beach, and have the bottle with me. I’m greatly in love with rose water forever now!

stockholm beauty week 2016, loelle argan oil and rosewater

Going further with my Stockholm Beauty Week report, I saw there Welleda and Rosenserien, 2 very famous organic brands. Rosenserien’s newest product and a TOP-product, I may say, very useful and well-needed on the market (Why no one else thought of that?) is the Carrot Oil. It smells so fresh and delicious and leaves a really nice colour on the face! I’ve used it on the beach 😀

Did you know that carrot oil can be used on skin for a remarkable sun tan and on hair for glow and hydration?

stockholm beauty week, rosenserien brand carrot oil and other amazing products

Furthermore, Annemarie Borlind, Swedish beauty brand founded 50 years ago, presented to me a new product which is a beauty shot for intensive cure with fast results. It comes in form of a syringe with 30 applications content, and in three different variants for different types of skin: Skin & Pore Balancer, Anti-Aging Revitalizer and Vitamin Energizer – which is also the one I am trying right now in my skin diet. It has a really nice consistency, and after using it one week, I feel it boosted up and illuminated my face.


Last, but not least is this organic skin oil Me Anima, which is so beautifully presented and really, really useful in any conditions. I made my homework when I was there, and after I talked to its creator, Katties Åkesson, I found out a few details that make this brand so exciting! Katties is a skin therapist with long experience in aromatherapy, that discovered the power of essential oils and decided to create mixtures that work magic! And so it was born Me Anima with only natural ingredients and products as face oil, nail oil, mother oil or baby oil. I’ve tested the products and they smell absolutely amazing!

stockholm beauty week 29016 me anima essential oils

Here was my report from this year’s event, with a list of my favourite discoveries, but I forgot to mention that the event this year was very well organised, many of the brands had their own room, instead of booth, or shared a room with another brand. I’ve seen face or cellulite treatments, home spray tanning solutions or even Filorga filling treatments happening over there. It was exciting, however I didn’t have time to get one 🙂

As a reminder about last year’s event, go ahead and check it here.

Other than that, hope you found some inspiration here. I definitely found lots there.

Have a great end of the weekend and beginning of the week and let me know your thoughts!

Stay beautiful, stay healthy and pay it forward!





Where to Eat in Mykonos?


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If you’ve decided to go to Mykonos, then you’ve already Googled around for places to eat, party and beach, and by luck (hopefully) you got here! But you must have read other things about this incredibly multi-tasking island and you’d know by now that it’s the most fun island in Greece! Moreover, the food is so diverse, but anyway delicious!

Depending what you’d like to do on the daytime, you have many choices in finding great places around the island. On the streets of Chora, the labyrinth town, you have a restaurant or tavern every 5 meters. Cheap, stylish, expensive, fast, cozy, sweet, luxurious or bodega, there is a place for every taste. But if you only have a few days to explore the town, you’ll want to know where to and where to not eat in Mykonos. I’ll only name our favourites, the places I still dream about day and night when I think of food and atmosphere and I’ll also tell you what makes them special.

For a romantic and elegant escape:

Remezzo Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

It-place for eating & enjoying delicious cocktails while the elegant atmosphere and fine views are all around the place. As much as I enjoyed our time there, I couldn’t take any pictures of the place due to the strong wind that evening. But just google Remezzo Mykonos, and you’ll find lots of amazing pictures on their site.

For a delicious Italian treat:

Pasta Fresca Barkia

Pasta Fresca is one of those places you wish to discover when in Italy, deep hidden around the streets of Rome. Definitely the best Italian experience in Mykonos, the food is absolutely delicious, the gnocchi, the homemade pasta, the pizza, the wine, and the atmosphere, are things that make me nostalgic and to almost fly to Mykonos right now and eat their delicious gnocchi!

I loved:

  • All their food and winelist
  • Fresh homemade pasta – available for buying too
  • The setting – they have 2 levels, terrace and a lovely spot at the windows upstairs


Pasta Fresca Barkia Restaurant Eat in Mykonos Where to Eat in Mykonos Pasta Fresca Barkia Mykonos Where to Eat in Mykonos Pasta Fresca Barkia Eat in Mykonos Best Pasta Best pasta gnocchi mykonos

For the traditional Greek food, show, dances & zorba:

Blue Myth Restaurant (Petinos Hotel)

The closest to the greek experience we got while in Mykonos, it was here. This place is located in the Platys Gialos area of Mykonos and is facing the beautiful beach and boats that are stationing in the area.


  • You’ll get a nice traditional greek dance show, with a wine glass over the head, plates and all that fuzz;
  • The place has some nice views if you’re sitting on the terrace and not INSIDE, where is also little bit too warm in July month, but if you want to see the dances, aim for the inside.
  • They are mentioned by everyone in Mykonos for the REAL traditional Greek food. I, personally, loved it!
  • It’s owned by a warm Greek family, which you might even get to know 🙂

For the famous Souvlaki:


Located just across the street of Pasta Fresca Barkia in the middle of Chora town, the little restaurant is almost like a fast food experience, except it’s not one. Chora is full of souvlaki places, but we personally enjoyed this one most.

Eat In Mykonos Pepper Souvlaki Mykonos Eat Best Souvlaki Peppers Souvlaki Mykonos

For a day at the beach combined with fun, cocktails and awesome food:

Jackie O Pool

This place is definitely exclusive! Jackie O is a pool, bar and restaurant in the Super Paradise Bay. Near the beautifully designed location, they have a beach place as well. Though I didn’t really enjoy passing the beach, because I must admit, I don’t like seeing naked people, the pool is fantastic for a full day of sun tanning, cocktails and lunch. The restaurant is fabulous, and even if you don’t want to sit at the sun, you should pass by for an eat.


  • The food in the restaurant is exquisite! Amazing appetisers!
  • The Pool and The Restaurant are facing fabulous views over the sea, the pictures below will speak for themselves…
  • In the day time is quiet, but you can hear really good lounge music in the background. The volume grows during the daytime, evoking your party mood step by step.
  • The pool features a small stage where they have drag shows in the afternoons, followed by people dancing and partying until the sunset.
  • The music! Oh, I used my Shazam app every 5 minutes 🙂


Mykonos 231 JackieOBeachPool JackieOMykonos Restaurant Eat in mykonos best food eat in mykonos JackieOFoodRestaurant Eat in mykonos Jackie O Mykonos restaurant Eat in Mykonos JackieO Mykonos Food Best Entrecote JackieO Mykonos Pool

For the quiet seekers and the wild dreamers:

Liasti in Lia Beach

This is the quietest spot on the island. Lia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, with crystal clear water, soft sand and incredible views. Liasti, the only restaurant I’ve seen there, became our favourite one on the island, after tasting the delicious mouthwatering dishes. Plus, the atmosphere was very relaxed, exactly what we needed at that point in our vacation. We were surprised to find this place, as it’s the last point on the map in Mykonos, therefore I advised you here to rent a car and go find your favourite spot.

Let me tell you about Liasti:

  • They have a garden behind the restaurant where they grow their own vegetables
  • Their food is fresh and generously tasty
  • It’s calm and quiet, letting you breath in the sound of the waves
  • It’s untouched, but classy
  • It’s my favourite restaurant in Mykonos!
  • And still, I didn’t get any pictures, since all my devices were dead

Of course, these spots are only a few from many, many, many choices you have in Mykonos. This island is a food and party paradise, therefore is no need to take an all inclusive or half board hotel. Just go out of your hotel and you’ll find something amazing to eat everywhere.

Don’t forget to have an eat in Little Venice while watching the amazing Mykonos sunset. You’ll love it!

P.S. Another favourite spot to eat, beach and party on the daytime is Nammos Beach – their restaurant is so much fun and the food is amazing: they serve incredibly delicious and fresh seafood and fish. Go for the beach day, make sure you book a table for the lunch time and after you ate, prepare to see beautiful and stylish people dancing on the tables. Sounds fun? More in the next article about Where to Party in Mykonos. 

See my whole Mykonos vacation, tips & tricks and fabulous pictures.

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5 Best Apps to Design & Edit Photos For Bloggers and Not Only


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Today I’m going to share a secret with you. Actually, 5 secrets. 5 free tools that help me in my work as a marketer, for my blog and for the personal use of my images as well.

I’ve been asked so many times, both online and offline, what programs do I use to edit photos or videos. It seems like it’s a trend to do so, even if you’re not blogging or having a social media page for a business, just for fun. And I like it. I do want to see more creative imagery into my private feed as well. Why not sharing beauty, creative messages and artistic landscapes? Even though Instagram’s filters are awesome, sometimes you just need more than that.

I must admit that lately I’ve been using the Adobe creative cloud, Photoshop & InDesign (as in the featured image of this post), because, oh well, it’s cool and easy, but when I wanna save time or I don’t have much inspiration or creativity, I’m using shortcuts like iPhone or iPad apps as well.

However, if you’re into blogging, you shouldn’t use these apps to create featured images for your website, since you need high-resolution images, and apps just cut off the quality. For that, you should use/learn Photoshop. You can create a free trial account for 30 days in Adobe’s Creative Cloud and get the chance to learn any of their programs. And trust me, you don’t need a school to teach you those, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-phone”] The Good Stuff

So if you want to create beautiful, creative imagery for your social media and not only, here are my top choices:

1. Over App

For adding beautiful texts and art works over your images or backgrounds

That’s my latest crush in creating images with texts for my Instagram. It’s so easy to use, fast and you’ll have 3 free art works (designed texts) every day. Here are some works I made with it, in different formats:

[bs_row class=”row”]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-4″]apps to edit images[/bs_col]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-4″]apps to edit images when life gives you lemons quote[/bs_col]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-4″]image[/bs_col]

2. Snapseed

App with different filters, changing coloring and textures

Many, many things can be made with this smartphone app, but the coolest is the HDR filter. Try the Glamour filter nr. 3 and definitely the Drama ones. Some pictures I made with this app:

[bs_row class=”row”]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]editing pictures apps[/bs_col]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]editing images apps[/bs_col]

[bs_row class=”row”]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]image[/bs_col]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]image

3. Moldiv

For collages and cool layouts

Use Moldiv to create your own “magazine” on the phone. It gives you beautiful ready-made layouts also, so you don’t need to think about design if you’re in a hurry to post something on your blog, let’s say. I did this with it:
best apps for editing photos


4. Polyvore

Headlines, mix & matches, collages and even logos

Confession: my blog started with Polyvore. And if you go back in time, you’ll see many fashion collages I made in 2014 on Lorellay.

With Polyvore, you can use your creativity to make all kind of things, from mixing clothes, accessories and beauty products into one image, to headlines, magazine layers and logos. The fun part is that you don’t even need to come with the materials. Polyvore works as a search engine for design products. Once you found the products, you add them, organize, add textures or other layers, and save the image. You will need to create a social profile there and you will also be able to find/show the destination of the products in your image. Cool, right?

This is how I use it:

[bs_row class=”row”]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-4″]trends in 2016 pink shades[/bs_col]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-4″]2016 trends in wall posters[/bs_col]
[bs_col class=”col-sm-4″]all bordeaux olivia palermo outfit[/bs_col]

5. Canva

iPad & desktop only

And finally my favorite one! CANVA IS GOLD! With Canva you can design almost everything you need. Social media posts, covers, magazines, email headers, resumes, any marketing material, you just name it! They have some free ready templates that you can use, and any element that isn’t free will cost 1$. But you don’t need to buy anything, if you want to create simple stuff. You should only keep in mind that it doesn’t give you the quality Photoshop gives you for large high-resolution images and you can’t optimise them for the web. Made with Canva:

lorellay cover image on facebook

What else are you using to edit photos or design when in hurry? 

Hope this helps. If it does, spread the word!