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Yesterday I have had a very surprising fancy experience in a place I’ve never been to in Stockholm, which I probably wasn’t going to discover if it wasn’t for Justin Bieber.

I had to travel to Stockholm for the weekend and when I looked for a room in the usual places we stay in when we travel to Stockholm, I was surprised to see they were fully booked. So I looked on Booking.com and at my surprise, 98% of the hotels in and around Stockholm were fully booked. After a short googling I understood why, Justin Bieber will have a concert in Stockholm this weekend.

But, Jonathan had an idea to expand our search and finally, after a while more we found a castle/hotel that looked incredible in the photos and seemed to have great reviews! So we booked a deluxe room in what I might call a very glam design boutique hotel. Yes, that’s it! That’s a good description.

Görvälns Slott is a castle located in the North of Stockholm, in Järfalla more precisely. The castle have been successfully transformed and adapted to a boutique hotel with amazing rooms, each category of room offering a different story and design. I really liked the concept and most of all, I really liked the quality of everything in the hotel, from decorational pieces and the original furniture, to the amenities and fabulous Mille Notti bed sheets. And the views and surroundings of the place…breathtaking! Since it’s located quite in the middle of the nature, near to a lake, you can imagine the quietness and relaxation I have experienced. To me, this was the perfect opportunity to take a hot bath in the big bath tub with views over the nature with a glass of wine and chill music. After which I have slept like a baby in the super comfortable bed. Yes, I want there again. To sleep and relax.