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Hi to all beauties that are reading this! By reading this, it means you landed here either through that you knew my blog before and you are one of my community members, or you ended up here through a search on the internet over red lipstick, red lips or how to be a powerful woman. Either way, you are on the right road to becoming one hell of a woman!

This text will not teach you how to be a powerful woman, though. But it may help you look like one! Now let me explain you, dear, red lipstick does not grant you the entrance in the Heaven of powerful women, but it definitely grants you a one way ticket to the best YOU that can exist.

Why? It’s simple! The red lipstick gives you a super-power: SELF-CONFIDENCE! To me, it opened doors that are usually locked for women. Of course, without the brains, red lipstick would just be a color on the face. But a smart woman, one that is independent, that is influential, that create paths and followers to walk on them, wouldn’t get a plus by just using this incredible super-power? The reason I decided to write down this thought..

“Red lipstick makes you prettier in pictures”

Red is the color of the passion and love, and what is a woman without passion? A man, in my opinion. Be like a man: drive like a man, work like a man, think like a man, but don’t be one… Love like a woman, be passionate like only a woman can be and look like a woman. That doesn’t require you to wear skirts everyday, or high heels in every occasion, or makeup at work like you’re going to a party, but a minimum of lipstick and perfume you should wear EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE! Even when buying bread! Believe me, people will observe you more, respect you more, admire you more and that’s a feeling we all are searching for no matter how deep inside us it’s hiding this desire.

For those of you who don’t dare to wear red lipstick:

Just do this experiment: buy a shade of red lipstick that suits your face and hair color (I’ll write soon the guide to red lipstick for every woman), use it every day for a couple of days and see how people react to your new look. Take feedback from their eyes, how often their eyes go to your mouth while speaking with you. That means you just unlocked a super power: Don’t forget that red lips intimidates people and in a negotiation process that is your secret weapon! Believe it or not, it always works for me.

My favorite formula is:

Brains + Experience + Red lipstick + Stilettos = Super Woman 

red lipstick is for powerful women

That’s my RED


What is your success formula?

red message. With red lipstick wine and sole from sweden lorellay