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It has been 2 weeks since we have finally said YES to eachother and the emotions of the day are still all around us. I know it sounds like a clichee, but our wedding day was the most beautiful day of my life.

When we decided to get married, we knew we wanted a simple, yet sophisticated wedding, intimate, yet with all the people that are close to our heart, a wedding so slow, it allows us to enjoy every moment.

Everything we planned, came through. Well, almost! I know there are no perfect weddings and events, as well as no perfect relations, perfect lives or perfect people. And that was what we started with, if something don’t go as planned, we don’t look back, only forward. The last thing you need at your wedding is to see the wrongs. Trust me, it’s easy to find them even if you’re the only one who’ll see them.

The weather was perfect, sunny as we’ve prayed for so much! We had a few days of terror, as rain was announced almost every day. But in the end, the day of the wedding and the days before were absolutely fabulous!

We have been blessed with the most amazing team of professionals, our wedding planners and designer Paloma Cruz and Eugenio, the incredible video team Anker Prod and the amazing photographer Marcos SanchezMoreover, my friend and talented photographer Sofia Beijer from Noor Studio in Jönköping, joined us for our trip and destination wedding and followed every moment of our wedding with her camera!

Both Sofia and Marcos sent us a few sneak peeks and I couldn’t resist sharing some of the photos here on the blog. They’re just simply amazing!  (I still can’t wait for the whole gallery and the video which will come in a few weeks!) Enjoy!

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