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I don’t know if the weather in your country got warmer, but in Sweden it feels like winter starts just now! We didn’t have almost any snow in December, and January was surprisingly warm for a Nordic country. I hope these changes are not caused by the global warming – and as a short parenthesis here, please recycle so we don’t have to move on The Moon later on! For the last 2 weeks, it’s snowing continued and the temperatures are insanely low! I hoped that in February I will be able to take out from my closet at least few spring items, but there is absolutely no chance to do that…yet!

The worst part is that I got so bored of my winter outfits and mostly accessories. I love the winter colors, but wearing the same gloves, boots, clothes or hats, over and over again for the last winterish months, made me so depressed that I had to go shopping one more time for cold weather fashion items. I really didn’t want to shop any more winter clothes – says no woman ever! – and I would use here that funny emoticon with the monkey hiding her face!

I actually planed that my first shopping session of 2015 will be a hunt after spring jeans, stilettos, sandals, skirts and beautiful pale color silk shirts, but this weather forced me to refresh my winter garderobe once again! šŸ™‚ I was anyway very excited by my new stuff so directly when I got home, I started to make pictures of them! Aren’t we all doing that when we love something that we just bought or found?


Cold weather fashion Leather and Fur black gloves Golden Clutch from Karen Millen

Leather & Fur black gloves / Golden Patent Clutch – both Karen Millen. I made a crush for Karen Millen’s accessories!


Wool beanie and scarf from Ralph Lauren

Wool beanie and scarf from Ralph Lauren


So much wind! :)

So much wind! šŸ™‚





I’m anyway satisfied now for the new items that ended up in my garderobe and will probably be forced to wear winter clothes until march! But then again, who knows what trips can pop up in the meantime?

Hope you enjoy some sun in your country!

Big hugs and greetings from a sunny, but cold, Sweden!


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