One year has been since I’ve attended Stockholm Beauty Week for the first time. I knew I’ll be longing for more. The reason is simply because I love discovering brands, new beauty products, get a taste of their samples and try on-site treatments and tips.

Last week I did it again. I was a part of the press day and I got to hear every news and trends in organic and sustainable beauty and to walk around the various exhibitors, trying their products and pleasurably receiving samples to try at home.

I will express a few opinions here and my favourite products so far.

Starting with a brand I fell in love with at the first sight – you’ll see why – Daniele de Winter Monaco. It’s a beauty brand from Monaco, as the name states, that works on the principle of beauty inside out! Meaning they produce eatable and drinkable supplements to work together with the cosmetic products that they also offer. I love this concept of preserving the beauty from both inside and outside, as we all know that no matter how many creams or lotions we use or how good they are, what comes inside us has the ultimate word! To get along with the face creams, lotions and the other cosmetics Daniele de Winter is offering, they created this beautifully packaged sets of supplements that can contain natural ingredients for skin health and not only. Plus, they have this incredibly tasty chocolates packaged so fabulously, they’d make the perfect gift! I got a package myself and I am all over the clouds for it, I’m surely going to go on a diet with this. Look for yourself:

daniele de winter monaco at stockholm beauty week 2016

stockholm beauty week, daniele de winter monaco brand

While walking around I noticed a bottle of argan oil that was very familiar to me, as recently I’ve just finished it. When heading towards it, I was approached by the founder of the brand L’Oelle, the one that is producing the argan oil that I’m in love with and I’m 100% sure is pure (in today’s market it’s very hard to find pure oils). We’ve both realised the similarity between our brand names, Lorellay vs Loelle, and thought that was funny. The fact that I met him there, was a great coincidence, he assured me their oils are 100% pure and natural from Morocco – the land of Argan, and how can that not be true, when he himself is half Moroccan? It was a great experience for me to meet him and validate my theory about the brand. I’ve been offered to try the Rosewater at home, and guess what? Right now when I’m writing this post I’m in Marbella on the beach, and have the bottle with me. I’m greatly in love with rose water forever now!

stockholm beauty week 2016, loelle argan oil and rosewater

Going further with my Stockholm Beauty Week report, I saw there Welleda and Rosenserien, 2 very famous organic brands. Rosenserien’s newest product and a TOP-product, I may say, very useful and well-needed on the market (Why no one else thought of that?) is the Carrot Oil. It smells so fresh and delicious and leaves a really nice colour on the face! I’ve used it on the beach 😀

Did you know that carrot oil can be used on skin for a remarkable sun tan and on hair for glow and hydration?

stockholm beauty week, rosenserien brand carrot oil and other amazing products

Furthermore, Annemarie Borlind, Swedish beauty brand founded 50 years ago, presented to me a new product which is a beauty shot for intensive cure with fast results. It comes in form of a syringe with 30 applications content, and in three different variants for different types of skin: Skin & Pore Balancer, Anti-Aging Revitalizer and Vitamin Energizer – which is also the one I am trying right now in my skin diet. It has a really nice consistency, and after using it one week, I feel it boosted up and illuminated my face.


Last, but not least is this organic skin oil Me Anima, which is so beautifully presented and really, really useful in any conditions. I made my homework when I was there, and after I talked to its creator, Katties Åkesson, I found out a few details that make this brand so exciting! Katties is a skin therapist with long experience in aromatherapy, that discovered the power of essential oils and decided to create mixtures that work magic! And so it was born Me Anima with only natural ingredients and products as face oil, nail oil, mother oil or baby oil. I’ve tested the products and they smell absolutely amazing!

stockholm beauty week 29016 me anima essential oils

Here was my report from this year’s event, with a list of my favourite discoveries, but I forgot to mention that the event this year was very well organised, many of the brands had their own room, instead of booth, or shared a room with another brand. I’ve seen face or cellulite treatments, home spray tanning solutions or even Filorga filling treatments happening over there. It was exciting, however I didn’t have time to get one 🙂

As a reminder about last year’s event, go ahead and check it here.

Other than that, hope you found some inspiration here. I definitely found lots there.

Have a great end of the weekend and beginning of the week and let me know your thoughts!

Stay beautiful, stay healthy and pay it forward!