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I love researching and find the best Iphone apps. These genius guys that have invented the smartphones and gave the possibility to other creators to invent all kind of apps, they actually saved our lives. While many people are judging us – those addicted to their phones –  for not being involved in the “real life” , others may say: “I have a real life, but I prefer making it easier.” Some apps they actually make my life better, easier, more fun and more interesting.  Here are the top 10 apps that I love and use constantly, excepting of course, the usual social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc…

best iphone apps

This is actually me in the picture, surprised by a photograph at my best friend’s wedding. I loved the pic!

Of course, this top is about MY own favorite Iphone apps, so if you have any other amazing stuff that you think i should discover, don’t hesitate to leave  a comment with your suggestion.

The 10 best Iphone apps

1. Promillekoll

Well this is an amazing swedish app, launched by Systembolaget AB (the alcohol shop in Sweden), that will help you enjoy a glass or even 2 of wine  when you go out and drive back home. You just need to add your info like age, sex, weight and then every time you have a drink you use this app in order to know when to stop 🙂 I love it because I really like to have a glass of wine with dinner, and I would hate to not do that because I need to drive back. This app shows you the limit and you can enjoy being out without driving on the edge.

2. Aviary

This is a photo editor app with amazing filters and other ways of editing your pictures that Instagram for instance doesn’t have. I always use it for my blog pictures and even for those that I post on Instagram. My favorite feature: Splash – smart color. Try it and you’ll see what I`m talking about!

3. CamMe 

CamMe is a selfie app! It was created specially for the selfie lovers, and even though I cannot call myself a selfie poster, I do take a lot of selfies to myself, from different reasons: check my lipstick, my hair, my eye makeup, my face expressions in different situations, sometimes even before a real picture, or sometimes just because I feel like selfie! When you use the normal front camera to make a selfie, the quality of the picture is quite bad, but using this app you improve the quality. The best with this app is yet to come: you don’t even have to use your hands or fingers to press on a button to make the selfie, nor the timer. You know that when you do that, your hand is shaking and the picture becomes horrible! The only thing you need to do for a selfie is to raise up your hand and close it back when you are ready for the picture. This system helps you make amazing distance pictures with only one HAND. 🙂

4. Bloglovin

Real time feed with all my favorite bloggers posts. Easy for the morning coffee!

5. P.D. 

The app that helps me remember the period diary. I think it is really useful, mostly when I plan vacations, or weekend trips to a SPA or beach. I use it for the last 2 years and it always worked great for me, and if you are creative enough, the benefits are many! 🙂 This is of course, an app only for us ladies, but it is definitely one of the best Iphone apps!

6. Polyvore

This is a fashion app. The beauty of Polyvore is that I can create amazing collages and find the right pieces for my sets. It goes through so many online shops and you can find whatever you are searching for to buy for yourself or just use for your collections. I use it for my creative sets that I sometimes post in Get the look on the blog. Another benefit of it is that, if you are a designer or you have an online shop, this is a great way of promoting it. It would bring you a lot of traffic, and of course buyers. Its a fast viral spreading way through the people that will use your products in their sets. And it’s user friendly! If you have a profile there, I would love to go through your sets, so write me your username!

7. Shazam

By this time, probably everyone knows Shazam. It’s simply stunning! I use Shazam probably daily, when I hear songs that I love or that have potential and I want to know who plays them or the name of the song. They have a great music database, since I haven’t been disappointed ever. I discover even the newest songs with it! Perfect in the clubs, restaurants or for radio music! I even have it on my first page on the Iphone! This one is probably one of the best Iphone apps.

8. Spotify

The most amazing music app! For a small monthly fee you get all the music in the world on your phone and you can use it in offline mode. It is separated in categories, albums, artists and even charts. The list plays continuously unlike Youtube clips and is perfect for jogging, dinner or any other activity. It is available in a number of countries but not everywhere.

9. Moves

This app helps me track my daily steps, calculating the burned calories. And it even shows every place I’ve been in the whole day! Scary, huh?

10. Runtastic

When I go out and run or just take a power walk I always use Runtastic to track the distance, burned calories, let my friends cheer me up live or post my activity on Facebook.

There are sooo many other apps that make my life easier like Viber, Swish, Easypark, Evernote, etc. but I felt like these are some of the most interesting ones. Most definitely, everyone has his own top 10 best Iphone apps. Which is yours?