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I really can’t express how disappointed I am on my ability to stay on track with writing on the blog constantly. I post so much on Instagram and it feels like everyone is watching my Instastories, so I basically say everything there. Which is wrong of me, of course, cause I only post my visual daily bits.

But I promise for the 10th zillion time to get better!

Anyways, I have to put up in the agenda the plans for the future, and probably the most important decision of this year: in August I’ll be going back to the benches of the University! As I wrote here, I have applied for a spot into the 3 years Bachelor Program for Graphic Design & Web Development of Jönköping’s School of Engineering. Proud and happy that I got in, although there was a limited number of students! When I got my letter of acceptance at first, I was a little bit confused if I can really do this at this point in my life, but after some meditation I figured it’s what I want to do, to improve my design skills and be a better marketer and developer. I’m confident it’s going to be a fun time in my life, and no, not because of #studentlife (I’ve had that once back home in Romania, so a second one at 29 yo would seriously be creepy).

But before that, guess what?

VACAY time is here! Not that I’ve been too home stable the last year, but this vacation I’ve been looking forward for so much! It’s my favourite destination in the whole world: Amalfi Coast! Positano & Capri for almost 2 weeks! Such a dream, it took us 2 days of search to find and book the whole trip, and if there wouldn’t exist Airbnb, we’d probably not be able to travel there, as every nice hotel at a human price was fully booked. And seriously, if you go to Positano, you need a room with a view, and for that you pay a super extravagant price. We’ve got a beautiful villa from a lovely Italian lady which I can’t wait to meet, that has an amazing huge terrace with a view over Positano and a private beach.

After Amalfi, we’re going to our family house in Alicante, and spend 2 weeks of calmness, beach and relaxation just right before returning home back to reality and a new full time school. Wow how weird that sounds: back to school!

Thankfully, now with the free roaming in Europe, I’m gonna post all the time from my La Dolce Vita trip! Stay in touch on Instagram!


What are your summer plans? I’m so curious to know what is everyone doing this summer!