How could 2016 pass this fast? I still didn’t wake up to realize we are for 10 days in 2017! I mean, 2017 was supposed to be so far away in the future, and now I’m in it! The truth is…I’ve been so stressed and busy last year that I haven’t really lived, therefore, didn’t feel the time passing by me, like a shadow in the wind.

Oh well, just in case you wondered if I’m still alive, I am. For those of you who follow my Instagram, you get to see parts of my daily life, so surely you understand why I haven’t been able to post here for like…(it’s been so long I can’t even count the weeks/months). I’m so bad at reporting, I think that’s why I never called Lorellay a blog, cause I can’t seem to find the balance in my life to stop by an report.

But I missed writing here, I have so many stories…so many places I’ve seen since then, which hopefully you’ve followed over my Instagram stories. I have about 23 different drafts that I was supposed to polish, add pictures, edit, and publish. What happened? Well, here’s some explanations:

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”]  New project: Lesgifts.com – won’t say much about it, but it’s fabulous! – here you can discover amazing design gifts, buy them and send them to your friends or family around Europe. The pluses: 1. each order comes handwrapped in silk paper and the fabulous signature #lesgiftsbox black or rose, no matter if you get it for yourself or gift it  2. designed handwritten cards included  3. all products are produced and created by independent designers, creative brands, artists, artisans & Co. with the same passion as ours, which is form and functionality – How cool is that?

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”]  New job: yes, I went back to the office life! Can you believe it? It’s pretty cool, I work as a digital strategist in a digital agency here in Jönköping, I love having a desk again instead of working on my dinning table or couch, and of course, I get to wake up in the mornings and prep for the day! Hang on there pijama uniform, I’m back to office outfits and heels!

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”]  New trips: Lisbon for the Websummit (if you didn’t see my story during those days in November, you lost sooooo much!) where I met some incredible women! I have to give credits to Women in Tech and Websummit for the fabulous organisation. Alicante during the summer where we actually bought a family summer house. Say what??? I’ve been so excited, but we just recently decorated it, so I didn’t have time to take fabulous pictures. Zurich in Christmas for the annual meeting of the squirrels. Just kidding. The annual meeting with my best friends! Last year we spent New Year with them in Istanbul, 2 years ago they visited me in Christmas in Sweden, 2016 was Zurich time. Real friendship, knows no barrier.
lorellayA lot of changes have happened during 2016, both in my personal and professional life. I grew, oh dear, and how much, I developed, I developed better relationships and projects that I have been only dreaming of. I worked hard and much, but I also damaged my body and state of mind, as I didn’t take very well care of myself.

And as of my resolution list for 2017, this year I only want to accomplish 3 things: take better and constant care of my body and soul, stay calm and stop stressing out when things are out of my control and of course…write more often on Lorellay. Even if it’s shorter posts, or inspirational boards, I want to update the site more often.

The first post of 2017 is closing here, but I already work on my next post!

See you soon and hope you’re still reading this 🙂 Hands up if you do!