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The preparations for the Christmas holidays occupied all my time the last week and I haven’t been able to post here about the visit of my beautiful friends in Sweden. They have been here for only 4 days but we had such an amazing time together!!! They came all the way from Zurich and Bucharest. We all needed this “girls reunion” at the end of the year, since we all had such a busy year, full of projects and private matters. We first thought of meeting in Bodrum to an amazing detox center, but I had a last minute project to finish so instead they decided to surprise me with a visit here in Sweden. How lovely friends I have! We had 4 days full of discussions, laughter, drinks, joy, and they got to know the city I live in a little bit better. We had much to do and talk about, we planned maybe future projects together, we  said our stories about the year that is ending and brainstormed about our next year, which by the way will be full of surprises! What a better way of ending this year than having my beautiful, sexy, smart, creative friends over here? I took them out in my fav places around Jönköping. We were eating in restaurant Sjön by the famous scandinavian chef Tommy Myllymäki, we enjoyed a 3-course dinner in Restaurant NEO with an amazing view over the bridge in Jkpg, we savored delicious sushi in the asian Rosengarden Jkpg, we had lunch in Bryggan, best coffeeshop in town and walked around the romantic streets of the city centre.

Few parts of our week together (only the censored ones 🙂 ) in images:

My beautiful friends in Sweden. Girls reunionMy beautiful friends in Sweden. Girls reunion



Sjön Jönköping Best food in town - Sjön by Tommy Myllymäki

Best food in town – Sjön by Tommy Myllymäki

Aperols for the girls

Our fav drinks – Aperols





Girls reunion 2015


Sexy presents from my sexy friends 🙂