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The Christmas holiday spirit and the coldness outside made me think these days on our last trip this summer, in Mykonos, Greece. Of course, I wasn’t thinking that summer is close, but with nostalgia in my heart and heavy breath I’m thinking how long is left until I’ll be able to touch the waves of the ocean again, the sand, the warm weather, the smell of the fire on the beach after a long walk and a bath in the middle of the night?!

This December we didn’t plan yet our holiday vacation and maybe it will be somewhere in Europe anyway, so I decided to remember the wonderful feeling of summer by writing about my most amazing vacation in the whole life! I’ve stayed there 2 weeks and I really enjoyed everything that is possible to enjoy in that tiny but amazing island! And I suggest you do the same if you ever wish to have it all in a vacation: fun, wild fun, beach, relax, romance & great food, all in the same place! I will probably need more posts to write everything amazing about Mykonos so I will spread it in a few parts: Food, Restaurants & Partylife; The Town & Shopping; Beaches, Hotels & Culture. So, stay tune! Mykonos 2016 will be awesome if you follow my lead!

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Lorellay in Mykonos

Lorellay in Mykonos port

Saint John Hotel Mykonos water

Little Venice Mykonos

Mykonos best restaurant in chora

Jackie O Mykonos