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Long time ago, I decided to make a few late posts about my summer adventure travelling to Mykonos, to help you plan and guide you to the best of the place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep my promise to the end, because something else was always coming up for the blog. Now I realized many people start planning their summer vacation, so it’s the best period to bring up the subject again on the blog!

Pictures at the end 🙂

We visited Mykonos in July month and it was so amazing that I would probably return there every summer. But since I’m still young and I have limited vacation time, I will need to research all Europe each summer, cause ever since I traveled to Greece, I understood that Europe has amazing places that you need to visit before you start traveling to Asia or Africa.

The first thing to mention is that in the 2 weeks of staying in Mykonos, I’ve been seeing 90% of the island. If it would be my choice, I would usually just go to the famous places only, but my boyfriend is crazy after secret places so we had to investigate each piece of the island!

Travelling to Mykonos Might Be a Little…Shaky

When we landed to Mykonos from Stockholm, our airplane basically shook us like a Bloody Mary on its way to you. Later on we found out why the landing is ALWAYS so shaky – they say. The winds! More about it, later.

Make sure you rent a car!

That’s actually rule #1 when you plan on travelling to Mykonos, because even though the taxi’s are extremely cheap over there, you won’t find one when you need it most, which is around the hour when everyone is going out for dinner, party or coming back home later in the night. There are only 30 taxi’s on all the island! They almost never come when you order, or it can take up to two hours for them to arrive. The bus is an option, because they have good timelines (every 30 minutes), but then if you are like me, hating traveling in a cage at 40 degrees,  you’ll probably want to reconsider and just go for the car! Plus that the last bus circulates at 01:00, so you’ll be forced to spend every night in your room.

Leverage your hotel’s privileges – discounts & room upgrade

Because there is such a high demand for rental cars in Mykonos, the fares are not that cheap, but don’t worry! Once you arrive at your hotel, mention to the concierge before you check in, that you would like an upgrade to your room and/or a car rental discount. Most 5 stars hotels in Mykonos will give you this guest privilege. If you rent the car for a day, you’ll get the normal price, but if you rent it for more than 3 days, you’ll have huge discounts! It’s so comfortable this way because your car awaits you at the hotel, no time wasting and the fares are the same as in the city. Also, the room upgrade is a must! It doesn’t hurt to ask! If they have available rooms, they’ll do it. The reason is that Mykonos hotels struggle to keep their customers super satisfied, since tourism is the only source of income the island has. They care for online reviews so when you leave the hotel, they’ll ask you to review their services on Tripadvisor! Do it, no matter your opinion, it will help others know what to expect!

Throw a few sweaters in your bag before you leave

I know! It sounds ridiculous when you think about it, but believe me, even though Mykonos has great weather almost everyday, there are days when the wind is so strong it almost throws you down! I have never experienced so hard winds in my whole life! Mykonos is also called “The island of the winds”, which is something I wish I’ve known before going there unequipped! On some evenings you may freeze if you don’t cover yourself and it’s really a mood destroyer! Also, take a hair band with you when is windy outside, or else you won’t be able to see anything while walking! Ha-ha! No, really, my hair was flying in all the ways!  Check your iPhone weather app daily, so you know when those days are so you can plan your beach days and visiting days according to the winds.

Get out of the hotel! Explore…

If you’re thinking of spending most of your time in the hotel, then you should consider travelling to Antalya or any other Turkish resort! Mykonos resorts aren’t those types of places where you serve food all day in All Inclusive systems, not because the food isn’t great, but because the island is so incredibly beautiful and full of life and local restaurants, that it would be such a pity to lose all this for the comfort of staying in your hotel area. I’ve seen many satisfied tourists in the hotel that had no idea what kind of goodies they’re losing outside the barricades!

Try something different! Go here.  It’s my most interesting recommendation and so I made a visual review on it 🙂

Sleep under the sky at least once

We met many young people 18 – 25, that chose to spend every night on the beaches partying and sleeping there, and go to the hotel when the first bus was running. Now, that’s kinda’ youngish for me nowadays, but we did sleep one night under the sky, in our own hotel’s beach. The sky in Mykonos is so clear and lightened by the shining curtain of stars. It’s absolutely fabulous sitting on a beach chair with your love, watch the stars panorama and just give yourself a moment of a “wild” life.. As much as I love hotel sleeping, this experience was unforgettable!

And of course, I wish I knew that Mykonos is not only a destination for fun, nightlife and parties, but a really incredible beach place, a romantic destination. A place where you can stay all day long at the beach or pool, drinking champagne, but also practice water sports, and spend the evenings walking around the maze – Chora town – eating gelato, waffles, souvlaki or simply drinking cocktails and serving fancy dinners at the local restaurants. But more about this, coming soon. I leave you with some amazing pictures to help you make up your mind 🙂secret beach place in mykonosinfinite pool at saint john hotel mykonos chora town in mykonos - waffle placesaint john hotel down on the stairs private beach placeevening at saint john hotel mykonos in the nightat the pool in saint john hotel travelling to mykonos saint john hotel jackie o pool in mykonos dsquared brothers in the background. tips in mykonossaint john hotel in mykonos tips

windy mykonos - tha island of winds

The force of the wind 🙂