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Didn’t I mention this in my New trends in Fashion, Beauty and Home in 2015 article some time ago? As promised, after I attended Stockholm Beauty Week press and bloggers event on Monday, I will share with you my experience there, whatever things I’ve learned and all the new revolutionary products I discovered during the event. But to summarize, this year’s event was all about natural, ecological and organic beauty products. Is that where the trends are going? Probably yes, since Scandinavia is the kickstarter of everything trendy.

stockholm beauty week

Nature gives the best cosmetics

What surprised me at the Stockholm beauty Week, is the unexpected fact that all the beauty brands attending the event were nature oriented brands. It surprised me in a pleasant way. All the presented products were either 100% from natural ingredients, ecological, organic, holistic, bio or aiming to become 100% natural. Actually, I keen to believe that the theme of the event was healthy beauty. Besides cosmetic, there were a number of other brands that relate to our beauty, THE INNER ONE: personal trainers presenting their spring boot-camps with customized diets and products to be used on the go and raw/vegan food or juice companies that showed the importance of the amount of vitamins we add into our bodies, from a beauty perspective.

DSC02959stockholm beauty weekstockholm beauty week

Many new and interesting brands were showcasing their products at Stockholm Beauty Week, to name a few of them: True Organic of Sweden – Tina, the responsible for the brand at the event, was so nice and gave me a few products to try at home, and will sure do! The brand uses only natural oils as ingredients, but what most impressed me is their packaging copy, tone of voice of the brand and their values! Take a look at this:

stockholm beauty weel true organic of swedentrue organic of swedenstockholm beauty week
Philip Martin’s – a real Italian organic lifestyle. A totally new hair care brand for me, they recently came into the Swedish market and their products look just so classy and fabulous! Highlights: they have an organic baby kit that is perfect for gifts and one of their shampoos is favourited by the amazing designer Valentino – I was offered to try it at home together with the conditioner. It’s hard to make me change my Kerastase shampoos, but I’ll give it a try and see what Valentino loves about it!

phiip martins shampoo stockholm beauty weekDSC02919DSC02927Stockholm beauty week

Compagnie de Provence – not a first for me, I’ve been using their hand soaps for a long time now. I love their packaging, so simple, minimalist and glamorous at the same time, and the quality is absolutely satisfying! Maybe you’ve seen them in shops, they can’t be missed!

stockholm beauty weekstockholm beauty week


Natura Siberica – beautiful packages and ecologic certified products for body, hair and face.

stockholm beauty week

Raw food and natural juices from Reko Eco and Nordic Superfood – and an inspirational speech by Nordic Superfood’s founder, Linda Myreberg, about the importance of collagen in our food, for beauty benefits.


Innovation – Airbrush makeup

The first time for me to see this new make up technique and I must say I’m really impressed! The foundation is clearly less visible than through the traditional way! Still not sure about pricing or if you can have one at home, but I guess father Google could help us with that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a quality picture on that. 🙁 So much people around that my camera was shaking all the time! 🙂

Trends – Sweden goes for the natural beauty

It’s as simply as it sounds. The times when wearing much make up was the hottest way you could affirm yourself, are now gone. Wearing make up, for me is essential, you know I wouldn’t ever leave the house without SPF, foundation, mascara and lipstick. Maybe skip mascara sometimes, when my eyes are fresh and big. 🙂 The makeup trends are going into a natural, relatively neutral look, centering the attention on the health of the skin, eyes and lips. For that, it is extremely important to use all the pre-makeup products that are moisturizing, as well as deep treatments with natural oils, serums or creams.

What we do when we’re young, influences the future us

Make up routines should include the preparation of your skin, meaning: cleansing, toning, hydrating and SPF or primer added just before you apply foundation, as well as hydrating the eyes, which means you should use a special eye-cream or serum before applying any concealer. I know it sounds hard, using so many products just before make up, but the specialists suggest we do that if we want to look beautiful, younger and fresh, later on in life. 


It was a pleasant experience to be there and I will definitely do it next year again, to find out the trends, to discover new brands and products, and to hear the educative speeches regarding beauty and the future of it.

Before I leave, I even got a goodiebag with products from all the exhibitors, ha! They offered this to all the press and bloggers that attended the event. Cute and useful. I’ll now try the products for myself, exciting, right?

stockholm beauty week goodiebag with products

Hope you got some information about what’s in trend, but to be sure:

  •  Ecological, organic beauty products are HOT!
  •  Because healthy is the new sexy!
  •  Natural beauty takes over!

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Be loved!

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