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First, I have to apologize for not posting in a while, I had so much going on with…my new school! In February I started to study Copywriting in Berghs School of Communication, which is an amazing and creative school for those who want to deepen their advertising or creative skills. A school that was awarded several times at Cannes Lions as being worlds best communication school! And yes, now I proudly can say that after only a month of studying, I enjoy every single assignment and every week I can’t wait for new projects to work on. Finally, I got to share this with you! But now I have something even better!

 Meet Paula


This being said, now comes the best part!!!

I have a little surprise for you today, a special guest who has been my dearest friend since forever! Paula is not a blogger, not a writer, nor an advertiser. She is a traveler! And a beautiful and classy one. For you who has read my blog for long, you know her already from one of my previous posts. Paula is an entrepreneur, but she is traveling the world so much, that you would think she works in tourism. Well, no, she doesn’t. But she does travel with business sometimes, for cultural purposes, just for pleasure or to relax. After she spent the last 2 weeks in a place that I still don’t understand if it’s either in Switzerland, Germany or Austria, she kept telling me how amazing was her experience, how she reinforced her body energy, how lucky and blessed she feels and how much she would love the world to know about this place. So I thought, why not sharing it here, with us? So here it is, in a special post by her. 


Courtesy of Paula


Let’s encourage Paula to share more of her stories with us!

Enjoy this beautiful traveler!